About Shiny Yoga

The simple truth of it all is that I just love yoga. 

I love how it makes me feel, and I love how it makes me happy and bright. I love that it has made me feel ok with wearing fitted yoga pants out in public because I'm so damn proud of the power of my body to move and stretch and glow. 

But I never intended to be a yoga teacher - even when I did my first teacher training all those years back, I never wanted to teach. That wasn't the plan. The "plan" was to learn about the history, to read the books, to uncover what it was about the practice that made me feel so darn good after doing it. But the Universe had other plans for me.  And for that, I'm grateful. Because now I get to feel good, and help others to feel all happy & shiny as well.

My story? Well, I first came to yoga over 15 years ago, and way back then it was a sporadic practice to say the least, with no real commitment or passion. But that all changed in my early 20's when I moved to Sydney and started battling with major and severe depression. I mean severe as in 'not being able to get out of bed, go to work, or concentrate properly' kind of severe.  Major as in I landed in hospital a few times and honestly was struggling with the wanting to stay alive part of life. I was on medication, I was seeing oh-so-many counsellors and psychiatrists, but still, I was slipping. Then it all came to a head and I was offered some sick leave from my job to 'get better'. 

I remember, clear as day, making a promise to my sister during this sick leave. I promised her that I would leave my house at least once a day, even if it was just to get a juice from the corner store. Because I knew, as did she (as does anyone battling depression), that leaving the house for me at that time was as big a deal as travelling overseas can be for others.

But I stuck to my word, and went out, just once a day. And it was at this time that I discovered $5 community lunch time classes at the local yoga studio.

I spent the first few weeks of those classes literally sitting in child's pose and crying throughout it all. 
    But then I started breathing deeply.
            I started (eventually) moving.
                    Gently.. slowly.. lovingly.

These classes were the beginning of me coming back to me

There was no judgement, just acceptance. There was no expectation, just love.
For the kind touch of those teachers as they assisted me in savasana, I will be eternally grateful. 

Eternally grateful because yoga bought me back to a life worth living. I fell in love with it. And here I am, many years later, with a vibrant life that makes me shine from the inside out, in no small part due to yoga. This I know is true.

Yoga changed my life. And I know it can do the same for you. 
♥ Maybe just by helping you stretch those tight shoulders out. 
♥ Maybe to help you recover from injury or throughout pregnancy.
♥ Or maybe to help you through trauma. 
Wherever you are, whatever background you come from, I know yoga will make you all shiny too.

Want to start living the life you've imagined? Let's go then! Connect with me here. I can't wait to meet you. 

Love & gratitude,
stella  xo

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