Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On The Edge // Self Care

So we're well into 2016 but I must say, instead of jumping around being full of beans, and dreams, and hope, I'm limping around and I'm Tired. With a capital T. I'm burnt out, my knee recovery is damn hard, mentally and physically, and I've come to the space where there's nothing to do now but prioritise self care.
This is what #selfcare looks like: It looks like having to say no to some things, and saying yes to other stuff - like rest, space and downtime. It looks like missing out some stuff you love, in order to fill your cup, heal your body, and take care of your spirit.
So that means I'm taking a wee break from yoga teaching - which might not come as a huge surprise to anyone who's seen me lately. I can't do the physical poses which used to be my life salve, I'm constantly icing my leg after class because it hurts, and my heart is a bit battered with it all.
But hey, this is life right? And oh, THIS IS YOGA!
Being present to what is, even when it's tricky and sticky and not at all how we would like it to be. I'm still teaching a few classes here and there because you know, rent and all, and teaching a few as opposed to my normal full schedule will allow me to do most of the recovery I need, plus allow me to sit, elevate and ice every spare moment I'm not up and about.
What's your self care looking like lately my yogi pals? Are you listening and taking what you need? Even if it's not always what you might want?
With love xo

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