Monday, November 02, 2015

Hard Hard Good Hard

Since I wrote my last post, I've had knee surgery (ACL Reconstruction) and have been bed bound for a week - a week today! I knew it would be hard, everyone said how painful it'd be, but I kinda thought I'd be in bed but mentally ok - after all: have wi-fi, will be occupied.

But on the downlow, I have never felt such excruciating pain in my entire life how I have this last week. Words can't even describe it.

I know this surgery is pretty common, but holy hell, you know when you start shaking because you're in so much pain? I was like that for 3 days, and on hard core pain killers, and still just in absolute shock.

But it's a week today since surgery and I'm cutting down on the pain killers, and I'm walking around (oh so slow so so slow) a couple of metres here and there and yesterday I even crossed the road (at the lights, and juuuuust made it before the lights turned!) - and needed an afternoon nap to recover from the big expedition but change is happening.

I thought I'd be blogging and writing and getting all inspired - bed bound, but productive.

But honestly, today is the first day I've even picked up my computer. And this post is less than thrilling ;) But baby steps is what I'm learning. Baby steps. Like I say in Yin, things are always moving and shifting - small as they may be. But if we keep showing up, we will keep transforming.

So here's to showing up, getting through pain - both head, heart and body - and doing what needs to be done. Sometimes, just breathing through it all is enough. Today, that is enough.

With love xo

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