Sunday, October 04, 2015

Today is a bit hard

"Here’s what soul practice does: It helps you handle the hard stuff when it comes. Every conscious in-breath/out-breath you take carves out space in your being for the ineffable mystery. And you really need to leave room for mystery if you want to stay sane. All of your dancing, and asanas, and sweaty finish lines are making it much easier to unfold, rather than grip and grind. The prayers, the declarations, the incantations… they’re an IV drip of grace, streaming into your nervous system.

Spiritual practice won’t make you super human. But it will help you fall in love with your humanity." ~ Danielle La Porte

I was in an accident a couple of weeks ago - and despite my mind constantly saying "you're ok, this is ok" ... it turns out I'm not so ok. I might need some surgery and then I'll be back to 'normal' but when life pushes us off track, it's as good a moment as any to remember what this 'yoga' stuff is all about.

I often say in class that the hard parts (poses, thoughts, moments) are like gifts handed to us on a platter. I mean - it's easy to be happy and cheery when life is great, you've got the dream partner, dream job, and it's all sunny. But when things fall apart, when you can't do what you know will make you feel better, when everything looks a little stormy.. this is the chance to practice grace. This is yoga.

So right now while physically I'm unable to do the asana, this is my chance to practice 'yoga' - real, messy, sweet, frustrating, amazing yoga. Here's to falling in love with our humanity. xo #wisdom #space #grace


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