Monday, September 07, 2015

Ask Yourself: WHAT IS IMPORTANT? Then act...

More and more lately, I'm getting stuck between 'knowing' and 'doing'. The knowing now comes a little more gracefully and easily to me - I understand what my gut is gently telling me to do. I listen, I hear, I understand. 

But the doing? Oh dear, the doing is tricky. Not for lack of wanting to do it - but the 'adult' part of life sometimes makes it hard. This is the yoga. Yoga is so much more than just poses on a mat - yoga is knowing what to do, and building your life around it. 

I just had a chat with someone amazing, about how kids and jobs and 'responsibilities' make the 'doing' a little more tricky than simply coming up with the answer. Not impossible, just tricky. 

You, my sweet community, have seen me tread this path somewhat inelegantly over the last few years - dancing between office jobs, yoga gigs, school and study and all the way round again. Do I regret any of the to-ing and fro-ing? No! Not one bit. I am grateful I've had the courage to keep trying. Am I tired? Oh yes, a little, of course!

But here's to more courage, more trying, more dancing, and still coming back again and again. 

I wish the same for you xoxo

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