Thursday, January 01, 2015

Today is the perfect day for a new beginning

Happy new year beloveds! A clean page, a fresh start – and of course, a dip in the ocean (my usual new years day ritual) to remind me of the potential for the year ahead, and to wash away the year just gone.

Oh how I love a fresh start!

My wish for you this year:
♡ That you receive love, and that you give oh so much love out into the world

♡ That you dare to dream, and dream big
♡ That you DO – do things that scare you, do things that fill you up, do things that make your heart sing
♡ That you live brightly, and feel deeply
♡ That you come back stronger and more powerful from any setbacks that set you sideways (this is life, remember? They’ll happen!)
♡ That you try, again and again (and again)
♡ And that you BE – you are love (you knew that, right?!). So be, sweetheart. All your awesomeness, your power, your spark is inherent. Trust that. Be that.

With love, gratitude + hope for the new year xo 

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