Monday, January 05, 2015

Minimalism + Doing It Now

I've always had on my bookmark list a selection of 'minimalist' blogs. There is something that has always appealed to me about living a life of less 'stuff'. One of them talks about how we all know, deep down, that more stuff, bigger homes, assets and this and that isn't really the key to happiness, but why then do we all act like it is? THIS. That is exactly why I love them. 

So with making a resolution (of sorts) not to have any resolutions this year (because who wants to sign up for something that 99% of people fail at?!), I stopped reading all those posts about "The only resolutions you'll need this year" and the like. I did however, read this (minimalist) one. 

That's the thing with minimalist blogs - they're going to be pretty useful, the posts. Not full of unnecessary 'stuff'.

So in reading about 12 Life Habits to Consider for the coming year ahead, I kept nodding my head. And nodding. And nodding. Mind you, this was on holidays - early in the year - so I was in bed for a lil' lie down (because, holidays!), skimming my facebook feed when I saw this post. And then I got to #6 on the list, Adopt a "Do it Now" mentality.

So I jumped out of bed, and started going through my tax stuff. Tax Mess might well be the better term. Those that know me, know that money and me have had an interesting relationship to date. And due to life, I had a few years of tax that wasn't completed. And there really is a thing called the snowball effect - that one year, turned into a couple, turned into a couple more because it was all just too hard. Anyway - excuses, whatever, I didn't do what I needed to do and now faced a mountain of mess to clean up.

I started this process late last year - I was sick enough of being sick enough of having it hang over my head. Calls to the tax office, visits to my accountant, calls to banks and getting (years old) bank statements... it was an epic journey.

One that is now complete.

At the beginning of this year while I was in bed reading this article, I thought - ok, now is the time. That is the thing with yogis, sometimes. It's all rose-coloured glasses and talking about dreams and rhythms and flow. This stuff is good... But life beckons as well. And sometimes shit hits the fan in life. Sometimes you get angry. Sad. Messy. Snotty-nosed because you're crying so much. Sometimes life is really f^*king unfair. No way 'round it. 

And this was my moment, you know? My moment to let my actions fit in with my words. That seems to be a theme for me lately. And this blog post is about TAX. Tax! Tax we all have to do every year. But really, this blog post is actually not about tax, it's about so much more. It's about showing up (See? there's the hippie yoga talk hehe). It's about having your actions and your words be in alignment. It's about speaking up and then showing up.

So I got out of bed. I did it now. And can I just tell you the relief of hitting 'send' on the email to my accountant, with years (!!!) of statements, lists, numbers, trackings. Oh god! It felt AWESOME. I don't even care if I have to pay money back. To have it ticked off the list is phenomenal.

How about you, sweets? What is something you've been avoiding doing lately? Is it mundane, like tax? Or cleaning the bathroom? Is it life-changing, like that chat you know you need to have with your partner? Is it scary, like looking at what you really want to do in life and taking steps in that direction... now?

I can't wait to hear from you. xo

12 Unique Life Resolutions/Habits to Consider

6. Adopt a “Do it Now” mentality. The opposite of procrastination is to simply “do it now” instead. And seeing as how procrastination results in an unnecessary amount of stress in our lives, “doing it now” is an appropriate life habit for many of us to resolve. Make that a new mindset for your life in 2012. Repeat the mantra often. And then, just do it now – whatever “it” may be.

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