Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hippie Yoga Stuff - it ain't all unicorns and popcorn

Sometimes yoga talk can get a bit hippie. You know, 'love' and 'manifesting' and 'feeling'. Ugh. Sometimes it drives me nuts. And yogis who come to my classes know that - because I'll often have a giggle about it all. 

But honestly, I've come to realise through life experience and trying many different ways to do it all, that feelings really are where it's at. Sigh. But Yay!

You can dive into a career, own your assets, have the marriage, the 2.5 kids, the whatever it is that makes you feel like you've made it - and you can still be bloody depressed, hating life, and waiting for that next 'thing' to signal that everything is ok. And you'll likely keep waiting. And waiting. And just doing what you're doing because that's what everyone else is doing.

In all honesty, sometimes I wish it wasn't like that. Sometimes (ok, quite often) I've thought it would just be so much easier to get a boring job, tick the boxes, and wait for everything to then be ok. But life, you little trickster, you just don't work like that.

I've tried it. And for me, I've really just got no other option now than to follow my heart and passion (there's that hippie talk again). Not because of a strong desire to let go of 'the norm' and to go against the grain. It's not as grand as that. It's simply because I've tried to go with the flow of society. I've tried to live along the grain. I've tried it 'their' way. And it didn't work.

I am totally open in my battles with depression and anxiety in the hope that someone out there, maybe you, reading this, will realise you're not alone and that it gets better. And worse. And then better again.

I want others never to feel the depths of sadness I've felt. 

I want everyone to know that there is another way to do this thing called life. It's not easy. It's often lonely because it's different. But it's worth it. There's no unicorns, there might be popcorn, but there's another way, beloved. 

This sh!t might not pass. Or it might well bugger off, and then return. That's the nature of impermanence. Swings and roundabouts. Apples and oranges. Life.

But even though it might/may not pass, honey, know this: you are loved. From me to you, you are loved. xo

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