Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hafiz, Truth

Oh that Hafiz, wise before his time. ;)

I've done a lot of wonderful teacher trainings lately: Yoga Therapy, and Yin Yoga. I can't wait to share all the wisdom with you!

But I've also gotten sick a number of times in the last couple of months (which actually saw me leave one of the teacher trainings a couple of days early). My adrenals have flared up, my immunity is low, and the depression is big. 

In my Yoga Coach training we had to come up with our WHY - the reason why we wanted to do this work. Let's be honest, I'm not going to become a millionaire doing this yoga stuff - so there'd better be a good reason why we would put our blood, sweat, tears and passion into it. There has to be a reason behind all this study, all this investment - of time and money (I have the next 7 years of study mapped out, 2 more degrees - a life's passion!).

My reason was because I wanted to help people make a conscious decision to live brightly, and to help them see and feel the beauty in the world. 

I have lived a life that at times has had a lot of darkness, because depression, man it's a b!tch. But I also believe that this was my gift in life - to help other people find their way through anxiety, and stress, and burnout, and sadness.

So forgive me for the radio silence sweethearts, but know that I'm always doing my best to wake up and be awesome, over and over again, and to share these learnings with you.

With love xo

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