Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quiet Quest - Days 11-15: Unplugging & Filling Up

More and more throughout Quiet Quest I'm falling in love - falling in love with space and silence. When this whole journey started, I didn't think I'd even notice it that much. Boy, was I wrong! 

That is how insidious technology is. 

Don't get me wrong, technology is amazing. It helps connect people, it is a huge (huge!) part of my job, I love it. But I didn't realise how little quiet I have in my life, due to it.

I love reading - but I read on my kindle all the time.
I do a lot of cooking - but as I live on my own I always have music playing, podcasts on in the background, or the TV turned on low for 'background' noise.

I even do loads of meditation - with guided meditations!

None of this is bad. A lot of it is actually pretty awesome! But it's not stillness, silence, or just space. And space is a big thing for me right now. Returning from Bali has been really eye-opening to just how busy and packed our days/nights/time is here in Sydney.

Day 11: Today I had #NourishClub - a beautiful gathering of souls in my life, to drink tea and have a chat, IRL. Yep, face to face connection, and wow, it could have gone on for hours!

Day 12: Yoga outdoors? Today was the perfect day for it. I led an amazing #PinkRibbon Day Yoga class in Tamarama, in the glorious sunshine, and then had a cuppa with friends afterwards, followed by a most delish lunch. Whenever I'm looking to nourish myself, it's real time with friends - and it's no coincidence I've been doing that a lot during this quite time!

Day 13: Today was the perfect day to get my hands dirty in the kitchen again. I made an amazing Lemon & Coconut Bread and am still licking my fingers. Eating a gluten free diet means preparing a lot of stuff myself - and with amazing sites like this, it's not impossible to do. No music was blaring while I was cooking, no telly was shouting out in the background, it was really nice to be in the present!

Day 14: Yin Yoga was on the cards today. I'm actually doing a(nother) Yin Teacher Training late November so need to practice quite a few classes before I arrive, but really - one never needs an excuse to practice this most delicious restorative class. I've also been quite stressed lately - trying to juggle a new timetable, and Mercury Retrograde with all it's changes/endings/beginnings jumping out at me! So this was just what the doctor ordered!

The booty I got from my organic F&V box from Alfalfa House this week!
Day 15: Today is fruit & veg delivery day! My organic box of yumminess from the co-op is ready to be collected on Wednesdays, and I am loving being pushed out of my comfort zone and cooking with seasonal, brilliant organic produce. The weather in Sydney has been a little nuts over the last couple of days (I actually wore my ugg boots at home today!) so making up a soup from all my goodies was the perfect dinner to whip up. Again, tasting, smelling, being really present while cooking up a storm is a whole new experience when it's done whilst unplugged. Gimme more! (The result even tastes a little different!)

Quiet Quest is all about finding 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds for The Yoga Foundation. You can sponsor me here.

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