Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Quiet Quest - Day 7: Cups of Tea

There's nothing quite so nourishing as a cup of tea with friends.

In life, just a few short months ago, time and space really frightened me. I worked a lot, I kept busy, I fit loads into my days, and never had any down time - so cups of tea with friends wasn't an option that popped up a lot.

But today I taught an early morning class, and didn't need to rush off to work after it like I usually do (the joys of a new career - freelancing!).

So when a friend suggested a quick cuppa - cuppa we did.

No phones, no deadlines, just 2 friends, steaming mugs of tea and coffee, and free flowing conversation.

If there is one thing this month is teaching me, it's that going with the flow, unstructuring my life, and having free time (where my nose isn't pointed down in a device) is quite liberating.

Today's realisation: Not every moment has to be filled! Space is precious. Space - how I've missed you!

It's sounds quite small, this realisation, but it's actually pretty life changing. How are you going with unplugging, sweet ones?

Quiet Quest is all about finding 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds for The Yoga Foundation. You can sponsor me here.

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