Sunday, October 05, 2014

Quiet Quest - Day 5: Yoga

(This is why unplugging is so important - to eventually find stillness amongst all of this!)

Ahhh yoga! How I love thee. That's pretty clear right - I mean, I'm a yoga teacher!! But to practice yoga, wow. When you're busy teaching, working at a day job, and then trying to fit in friends and family around it all, sometime the practice slips (this is actually one of the biggest challenges new yoga teachers find!).

But today I got to practice. And I've got one word for you - #bliss.

In between teaching I managed to jump into some water (ahhhh!), went for a swim, sat in some sunshine without my phone (thanks to the habit Quiet Quest has created for me!) and then made it to the studio for a class.

To stretch, move, and BREATHE.
To come back into my body (and out of my busy mind).
To flow and sweat and then to lie in blissful stillness during savasana.
For this - I am so so grateful.

To unplug, be in the moment, and come back to me, I am grateful.


Quiet Quest is all about finding 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds for The Yoga Foundation. You can sponsor me here.

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