Friday, October 03, 2014

Quiet Quest - Day 3: Cups of Tea

Today I had a cup of tea with a friend, but this wasn't any ordinary cup of tea.

An 'ordinary' or usual cup of tea with friends looks like at least one of us checking our phone every time it beeps, or even when a small silence arises (or worse yet - my pet peeve - while we're talking). It has become so common, for people to be physically present with others but to be constantly checking-out on their phones, that the term 'Phone Stack' has even made it into the Urban Dictionary (read all about this game here - I adore it!).

So today's cuppa was golden. A good conversation with a friend I'd not had the joy of seeing for about a month, and no phones on the table. Deep, honest conversation while the sun kissed our backs - and no interruptions to check facebook or emails or missed calls.

And wow, it was magical.

There are beautiful actual tea meditations you can practice which are all about mindfulness and presence, and I adore them. And while today's unplugging wasn't quite so structured, we still unplugged (for an hour!) and connected mindfully.

Bliss. xo

Quiet Quest is all about finding 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds for The Yoga Foundation. You can sponsor me here.

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