Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Quiet Quest - Day 1: Decluttering & Meditation

This month I'm participating in Quiet Quest - 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, no music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds, for this initiative by The Yoga Foundation (you should sponsor me here!).

So how's it going? Well, kind of awesome! 

I returned home from a 3 week Yoga Therapy teacher training in Bali yesterday - and I knew that some decluttering was in order. I'm often that way after travel! I guess I saw all the Balinese people living in (what we here in Australia would call) poverty - but they were always so happy, and always smiling.

I noticed how we ate amazing food there, all freshly prepared and cooked, and when I came back home and did a shop at the supermarket and fruit shop, I was shocked shocked shocked at the price we pay for processed, chemical filled rubbish. All of this just made me long for simplicity.

As luck would have it, I had a gorgeous friend house-sitting in my place while I was away, and she is one of the most organised, amazing people you'd ever be so lucky to meet. So in the kindest way - she offered to help me declutter (an offer I'm excited to help take her up on).

So in this month of 30 minutes of silence + unplugging each day, I know I'll be doing a lot of decluttering! And on this first day, that's how I spent my silence - just going through papers and 'things' and clearing the decks. 

I also sat in meditation for a wee while - a practice which I loved during my time in Bali. Off to an exciting start :)

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