Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Want to be YogaCoached? This is your lucky day :)

Hi beloveds, I need some willing peeps to help out! 

I have just spent 3 amazing weeks in Bali doing my YogaCoaching training (1-on-1 yoga therapy) and I need to take on 3 case studies, to help me get my hands dirty (well, to work a 3 week program with).  

What's a YogaCoach? Think Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and friend all rolled into one - pretty amazing, right? It's a holistic pathway to live your best life, all based on the ancient principles of the science of yoga, wrapped up with modern coaching techniques. 

You’ll receive practices designed specifically for you - and when you show up and commit, you’ll start to see results almost immediately. A stronger body, a calmer mind, more fulfilling relationships, more energy and passion for life, all from a shiny heart space. 

Are you interested? Please drop me an email and let me know how you could benefit.

I need (at least) 2 x Sydney-based clients right now (+ can do 1 via Skype) and if you're prepared to do some homework/(gentle) self-practices that'd be brilliant. Sessions will be weekly for 3 weeks (first session in person, next 2 via Skype)

Know of anyone who could benefit? Thanks beauties xo

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