Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Enforced rest

Is enforced rest time the only time you rest down, lovelies? I have to say, after a quick hospital visit last week and nothing to do but rest, my body just wants more and more of it. 

I was hit last week with a particularly vicious winter bug that saw me slammed. And today I've woken up and I feel like there's space. There may be some energy for a walk outside (to the mailbox, nothing major here!) but this is more than I've done in days.

It made me realise how much I push myself, how much I 'have' to keep going - as we all do, because we have jobs, responsibilities etc. Then it made me ask myself - do I want this? Do I want not being able to rest when my body is screaming at me, because work is busy or this or that?

We live in a world where it's no so simple to just switch off and take an unplanned week off (bills to pay, rent to earn etc) but it bears thinking - maybe it's time I schedule some more down-time in / weekends off for no reason / little getaways just 'because'.

Here's to space. xo

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