Tuesday, July 08, 2014

When is the last time you were held?

I always love to hear what jumps out at students after a yoga class. Was it a certain pose that got things moving? A quote? A small remark?

This week, it was a question I asked, out of the blue, in a yin yoga class. In an effort to get the yogis to surrender over the bolster and to move from adjusting & fixing, into acceptance and softness, I asked everyone "When was the last time you were held? When was the last time you really allowed yourself to surrender?"

I will be honest, as always, and say that I was actually asking myself this question. Lately I've been feeling the effects of Winter - the tiredness, the desire to hibernate and sleep, to eat and nourish, and slow down. And as usual, I've not really heeded the call as well as I could. I know I'm not alone in that either! Many of the yogis I'm meeting on the mat are telling me similar stories - that they're tired, but busy. And life must go on!

And yes, it must - but we can definitely show up with a different energy when we do our practice, when we run our errands and live our lives. We can feel our feet on the ground as we walk to our appointments. We can practice a strong vinyasa class but perhaps take a few more child's poses than normal. We could even swap a dynamic practice for a yin class.

While I've got the opportunity to teach, I'm snapping up classes and sharing my love of yoga around Sydney. But the last couple of days my adrenals started whimpering, so they felt! And I'm a pro at listening to my body now (you'd hope the lesson was learnt after burning out!) - so, I'm being very mindful of the energy I'm bringing with myself to my day's tasks.

I'm mindful that I need to up my meditation practice.
I'm mindful that green juices are coming in, and sugar filled snacks are on the out.
I'm mindful that I need to be held - and have booked a massage with my favourite massage therapist.

In honour of surrendering, yogis, take care xx

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Courtney said...

So true! It's definitely that time of year! Thank you for sharing and reminding me that now is as good time as any to do a little detoxing :)


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