Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Herbal Remedy for Life Ache

Oh how I adore Michael Leunig, who just sums up the struggles of the world so eloquently.

I do love this one I saw today - and was actually about to write a post on how, honestly, at this moment, I'm not coping so well in the managing stress part of life. BUT actually, I'm going to practice a bit of self-compassion instead of judgement, because really, I am indeed taking steps towards grace.

I cancelled some plans this weekend, so I could stay home, cook up a feast and nurture myself. This meant disappointing people, and ouch, for a people-pleaser like me, that was hard going. But I did it. I've also been eating well #foodismedicine. I've been reaching out to my amazing support team (friends, therapists, naturopaths, kinesiologists, massage therapists - I've got them all on speed dial!) ;)

So actually, while I've yet to sit under a tree and contemplate the other tree, I'm doing ok. Are you doing ok sweetheart? xo

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revolutionary habit said...

Love this post. Really do. I've been oscillating between life ache and telling my type-a personality that 'laziness' is actually doing me good to relax. It's a weird vortex/balance. Definitely getting outside makes so much difference!

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