Sunday, May 25, 2014

Huh? What?

I have no idea how it got to be the end of May already, but time flies when you're having fun... so they say! And fun is what I've been having, that's for sure.

This 'trusting the universe' thing is not easy, but my faith has been well placed because many opportunities have settled into my lap and I have a big smile on my face. The lesson I'm learning (and Danielle LaPorte has said this!) is that often it's what you say NO to, that defines your path.

I have many opportunities right now, and I'm getting much better at choosing the best thing for me - and it feels good. Honouring yourself, your time, your effort - it's brilliant and warm and fuzzy and I am becoming a fan of it :)

There will be more posts coming soon, but in the meantime, just a hello - and a sneak peak at a fab new shoot I had with an amazing photographer and gal, Gaby xoxo

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