Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Manifesto


My psychologist would love this quote :) And honestly, I love this quote. Heck, I want all my yogi students to love (and to live) this quote, as it's so true!

Life is life - it's up and down and throws you round and just when you think it's all a bit much, it blesses you with ease and grace. That's life - and it's like that for everyone. Everyone has good and not so good days, it's the joy of being human :)

But do you ever find that you're waiting? And living in a constant state of limbo - ie I'll be happy when... I'll be happy if... 

Within hours of visiting my wonderful psych this week, I came across this quote and literally laughed out loud. As someone who struggles at times with depression and anxiety, with an overactive mind, I'm often full of "what if's" and they, at times, become quite debilitating and overwhelming.

I've been doing a lot of mindfulness meditation and exercises lately to continue to bring myself back to the present - because when I'm living in the "what if's" all I get is a big serving of anxiety and pain, and frankly, and sucks.

So here's to compassion, to feeling like every other human, and here's to living in the moment. Right now.

Love to you xx

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