Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Manifesto

I adore Keri Smith. She is a beautiful creative who've I've often drawn inspiration from at many times over the years. And right now, as I've got a few balls in the air and a full plate of things to keep me busy with, I'm feeling that this idea of rest is more important than ever.

Did you know that child's pose in yoga actually means 'strength' pose? Yes! Our little cuddled pose on the ground is where we restore, where we fill up, where we get our energy and strength back, so we can go out and be fierce. (Bala means strength, and balasana = child's pose)

No matter how many times I share this in class, many students will still refuse to come and rest in this gorgeous pose, unless I invite the whole class down. Interestingly, in the progressive (advanced) classes I teach, students are popping down into it left right and centre! There's a lesson in there ;)

So today, your hOMework is to rest, and to be ok with that. To realise that resting for a minute, means filling up your cup, and coming from a place of fullness is empowering, strong and vibrant.

After all, enough with the burnout as a badge of honour! Right?!

Biggest love, and long, juicy naps :)

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