Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Manifesto


When I write a post here on these wee little space of the internet, I often approach it like I would a diary... I think it's really important to be honest, to share what helps, & sometimes what hinders. I mostly write without acknowledging that this post will be read, and often get surprised when people tell me they liked something in particular, or leave a comment. Lovingly surprised.

But all in all I write about how I feel, what I'm thinking - and often use this as a therapeutic means to reach out and be part of the world, whilst feeling my place in it all. Yoga - right? Union.

I also write, so that when I'm feeling low, I can remember one of the great lessons of life on and off the yoga mat: impermanence.

I write so I have proof that in 24 hours, or a handful of breaths, or maybe sometimes a few days, I will likely feel different. Thank goodness right? 

Thank goodness for consistent change, open pages and potential.

Valentine's Day inched it's way around again last week, and was full of the regular love filled posts, and anti-V Day sentiments. Whatever your position, I've shared before how I'm a fan - not of the over-commercialisation of it, but love in general. Kindness, in general. Connection, all around.

But this years Valentine's Day left me flat. For whatever reason, maybe waking up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe not having my life look like I thought it would, maybe for the sky being blue. Who knows. I do know though, that I shared yoga on this day, and felt better after it. 

And some days - that's enough.

So today, let's celebrate enough-ness. And right-sized being. And sharing love. 

You are enough, my beloved. Whatever anyone else thinks of you. YOU are enough. And that is perfect. 

With love,

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