Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Manifesto

A recent run-in with an unkind person really spun me round and took the wind out of my sails last week. 

Generally, I surround myself with a kula (community) of bright, beautifully spirited and loving people, so this really shook me. 

But rather than go too deep, I tried to remember what a beloved mentor shared with me once, to just keep my side of the street clean

Did I act with malice (in order to receive this harsh rebuttal)? I can honestly say "No" - in fact, I believed I was acting in real generosity (one of my themes this year). Furthermore, the question has to be asked - how did I react to this situation? 

Yowch. There comes the kicker. I responded curtly, and then carried the hurt with me for most of the day. So in regards to keeping my side of the street clean in this whole experience, I started off well, but my reaction was not based in love.

Without a doubt, my reaction came from feeling hurt. Let's face it, who wants to be blasted? Especially when the intentions were absolutely honourable?

It's beyond this though, that saw quite a bit of 'litter' enter my street.  I was withdrawn at work, I was sulky on the phone to friends, I drove around with much frustration and impatience. Way unclassy.

I know it happens, and some days we just can't handle (with grace) what life throws our way. But it's a good reminder to act from love - even when others are unkind and cruel. In fact, even more so when others don't come from this place. It's a beautiful lesson in showing up wholeheartedly - despite good, bad and indifferent circumstances.

It's also a gentle nudge to be kind - and even a little kinder than necessary - because YOU are full of this love. 

So your hOMework today, my beauties, is to go out and practice this. Be kinder than necessary.

And please share with me how it looks.
Much love, patience and generosity your way xo

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