Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday Manifesto

Take a moment to think of the people you've spent the most time with so far this year. Sure, we're only in the early months, but isn't that the time when we're fresh on resolutions and grand ideas? So think of those you have chosen to spend time with in 2014 so far. 

Jim Rohn shares that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and it's a pretty in your face quote - you're either jumping for joy right now or perhaps quietly re-assessing your companions! And while we can't choose who we work with or our families for that matter, we can choose who we spend our spare time with.  Again and again I feel so sparkly that I have found yoga and it gels with me, and makes me all shiny and happy (yes, hence the name of this site!). Some of my best friends have been found in the yoga world, and other beautiful friends of mine share that same accepting energy I find on the mat and in the studio. 

My friends are brilliant and talented and understanding, and to think I share just a tiny spark of their personality makes me divine indeed.

In yoga we often refer to these people we surround ourselves with as our kula, or sangha. Today your hOMework is to think of those who are in your 'inner circle', your own sangha: those whom you CHOOSE to be around, and those who actually - pen to paper - are around you. Do they align? Do they make your spirit sing and encourage you to be your best self? Do they make you shiny? 

Love to hear your thoughts below!


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