Thursday, February 06, 2014

An Interview with ME! (on Elevate Vitality)

In the Xmas/end of year mayhem, I was interviewed by the gorgeous Cassie of Elevate Vitality. I had a ball sitting down to think of answers for the questions - and your hOMework today is to do the same. Look at the questions she asked me, sit down and journal some answers out.

You might not see clients or have students, but imagine what advice you would give yourself or a friend... and let me know your thoughts! It is really interesting to put into words a passion - and to share it with others. What would you say?

Here was one of my favourite questions and my advice, that I often remind myself of!!

Big love, and big thanks to Cassie xo

What are your top 3 tips you give your clients? 
1)  Start where you are! This is actually a book by Pema Chodron, and these 4 words are so simple that I’ve kept them as a mantra for all those I come in contact with.
Especially when we meet on the yoga mat, it seems to be a place for people’s human-ness to come out, and I see my yogis worry that they’re not as flexible as the person next to them, or they get frustrated when they can’t do a pose for whatever reason. But instead of using these difficulties as tools to prove our worthlessness, if we could just shift our thinking to start from this moment (not where we want to be, or where we think we should be) life would be so much gentler and empowering.
When we know better, we do better, but today – start where you are.
2)  Giving or receiving. Notice what you need today to be the best and most awesome human you can be – do you need to give (share your energy) or receive (fill up the tank)? Every day is a new beginning, every single day we start again, and every day we need to be aware of how we feel in this given moment.
Visualise you have open palms in everything you do – we’re not grabbing onto something we so desperately want, and neither are we pushing things we don’t want away. Allow open palms – to give, or to receive, so gently.
3)  Breathe. So simple, so natural, yet very challenging to do well! I love to set my students and clients the task of setting an alarm to go off at least once a day, where they stop what they’re doing and take a handful of big, life-filled, juicy belly breaths. Inhale – count to four. Exhale – count to four or five. This alone will change your life!

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