Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yoga, Asana, and the 8 Limbs

I got into an interesting chat with a bunch of beauties (seriously, babes full-o-heart) at the tail end of last year, about yoga and what exactly it is, and it's been playing on my mind. The discussion drifted to the 'yoga' that is being taught in most yoga studios here in the West (at your average gym or studio) - and how it's really just asana (physical postures) rather than yoga (8 limbs in total, of which asana is just one).

Most people are simply unaware of this, and it's understandable when you look at the proliferation of Bikram yoga, Hip Hop yoga, Yogilates etc. Now that's not to say that these classes aren't awesome and fun! But they're not yoga

I guess these 'asana' classes can be as transformative as a body-pump or cross fit session, and for a lot of people that is brilliant. But the life-changing process of real, full, 8-limbed yoga? Wow, what a process to miss out on because we're only focussing on one limb.

So rest assured that if you come along & join me on the mat, you'll definitely be diving deeper than asana and I can't wait to share more thoughts with you soon. More to follow :)

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