Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Manifesto

It's not uncommon for new yoga students to share with me that they can't do yoga because they're inflexible. I simply respond, "You're in the perfect place then!" because yes, yoga will help a stiff unflexible body become all nice n' stretchy. It's a great side effect :)

But when it comes to stepping off my own mat and trying something new, I'll be transparent, I really do understand the fear that comes along with being a beginner. Any excuse is excuse enough to keep us held back in our safe little space. 

This week I encourage you to name that thing you've been putting off - out loud, pen to paper, or type it below so we can all share and better yet, encourage one another - and say ENOUGH ALREADY

Sweets, take the first step. Enrol in the beginners class. Try the new recipe. Go for the walk or run. Forge a new path. 

When we get past the initial fear (and remember, all our actions come from either FEAR or LOVE), there's so much excitement to be had. This trying something new is such an open and expansive place of possibility.

Let me say that again:
Trying something new invites 
in space and potential! 

You may have heard the term 'Beginners Mind' in yoga - which refers to exactly this! It means showing up on your mat or in your life, from a space of "I wonder what will cross my path today" (ie possibility) rather than "Here we go again" (drudgery and being closed to the wonder of connection).

What do you want to choose this week?


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