Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Manifesto

In years past, I'd hit a few weeks into the year and then begin to feel a little overwhelmed and let down, as I'd (without a doubt) fall once again into old habits that didn't match my grand ideals and resolutions. That was one of the reasons I began to create themes of the year, or words of the year - as a way to live my life, rather than another goal that would no doubt fall by the wayside.

Some years the words have really stuck, some years they needed to be changed 6 months into the year! But more and more I'm finding simplicity works. For example, when I look at my life, I want to be remembered for being a generous soul; for being kind, and for being graceful. 

A mentor recently asked me if I had many people around me who were full of drama, or unkind. And I was blessed to say no. I am so grateful that the people around me are beautiful souls who are generous and kind, loving and forgiving, accepting and inspiring. And in a year when I'm working hard on self love (#operationselflove) this mentor let me know that people of this calibre wouldn't hand around with someone who was selfish and drama-filled and unkind. 

In other words, she was saying that I could find reflections of my friends in myself. 

Let's let that sink in: 
The things I love in my friends, are the things I love in myself.

hOMework for you today, special soul, is to look at the talents and gifts of the people you call your friends. What do you love about them? What makes you attracted to them? And then flip the script. Realise that you are divinity, you are light, and that the things you find in your friends, are things they find in you.

If you're like me, there's a quick 'catch' - a moment of "No! That's not true!". Let it rise, and then let it go. Lovely, trust me, you're awesome. You're wonderfully human. You are loved. See this, and look at what I love in you. And just sit with that in meditation for a few minutes today.


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