Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Living Passionately

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. 
The real question is whether you are alive before death.” ~ Osho

Friends, I have some honest truth for you - it's ok if you don't know what your passion is. 
This used to drive me nuts - I'd see all these people following their passion and raving about it; How their life was complete now because they'd found their passion.

Yet I've come to understand that if you live WITH passion ie LIVE PASSIONATELY instead, the answer and path becomes clear. Cool huh? And, what a relief!

I remember being in deep conversation with a friend before coming to this conclusion. I was wondering what path I should focus on and had big doubts. The doubts looked like this:
"What if the path I choose isn't my passion?""What if I choose the wrong path and it isn't everything I dreamed of?" "What if..."

I wanted clarity, and I wanted certainty. And to answer me, to open my mind, my sweet, wise friend told me a story her Buddhist teacher imparted with her.  

The teacher spoke of rubbish collectors, who collect waste each week, regular as clockwork, who clean our streets, who make our lives healthy and really - who play one of the most vital trades in our communities. 

"Do you think a rubbish collector dreamed of being a garbo when they were young? Do you think collecting rubbish is their passion?" she asked. Of course not! Perhaps yes, but most likely no... most likely they live out passion in other ways, but have a secure and stable job that affords them to live passionately in other places.

This is not to say that the rubbish collector job is any less important than the entrepreneur out there who is convinced of her passion and path and will do anything to live it. No no no. In fact, society would fall apart without rubbish collectors, and disease and illness would thrive. Rubbish collectors are vital!

See the point? That to uncover your passion and to live your passion is grand and all, but to live passionately is the key.

How can you live passionately today, dear friends?
How can you make your year ahead full of passion, regardless of your job?

hOMework: today, on this beautiful new day at the start of a beautiful new year, pull out a blank sheet of paper and write, craft, doodle, draw what living with passion means to you.



cindy lee fearon said...

Thank you so much for your post today. I too struggled for years to discover my passion, my purpose. Worried over it, obsessed over it. Of course in constantly searching for "my passion", I didn't leave room to live passionately or much less in the moment! Thanks again. This is exactly what I needed.

cindy :)

shinyyoga said...

@Cindy - I'm so glad this resonated with you. It's something I've been thinking of lots lately!! So happy you stopped by xx

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