Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Learning to Measure Time..

There's a fabulous article that was recently posted on the NY Times, the kind of article that I love reading because obviously the writer is a story teller; a beautiful, emotional story teller. But I also love the article because it's so full in its simplicity.

hOMework: I offer this story to you today - to take a moment, sit in silence for 5 minutes, perhaps with a cuppa or an apple, just some 'me' time. Then read this, and let it sink it, and dream about your year ahead, full of non-rushed time. And know that you are loved.

"When the battery in my watch died, I still wore it. There was something about the watch that said: It doesn’t matter what time it is. Think in months. Years. Someone loves you. Where are you going? There are some things you will never do. It doesn’t matter. There is no rush. Be the best prisoner you can be."

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