Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Manifesto

It's my last teaching week of the year, and for that I am grateful. I'm definitely ready to catch my breath, slow down and take in this beautiful season of giving, love and light. I've been living my 2014 intention already over the last couple of weeks - #OperationSelfLove

And really, today's manifesto is totally in line with that - about taking time, catching your breath, and enjoying the moment to live your best life. 

Lovelies, I see you. 
You've worked hard this year, you've shown up for your friends and families, you've handled a lot. I know, I see you! I see you on the mat, shedding tears in class, breaking through your own boundaries in class, resting, working, playing in class. You are amazing! 

I am so grateful that you share your time and energy with me, and that you share your thoughts and dreams and life with me. You are beautiful. I really do love you. 

Now - breathe in.
Breathe out. 
Love. x

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