Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Living 'as if'

Do you ever wake up sometimes and get a little envious of the life you think everyone else is living? I think that’s not an uncommon human trait, but it takes me back to the words of a very wise early counsellor I had – to live “as if”.

Meaning, live “as if” I had heaps of energy, and to live “as if” I was happy and went out with friends a lot, and to live “as if” I was the real fit person I desired to be.

My journey with depression has been a life-long one. Some people get diabetes, some get scoliosis, me, I got depression. And when I had a whine to a friend this week, she quick smart put me on track again – bless her.

Sometimes it’s just so draining, but recently I had another rock bottom with it so it’s time to dive into a healing regime again, and start living the life I wish I had. In other words, to start living 'as if'.

Of course, this is all within reason – and sometimes the best thing I can do for my adrenals is to have a rest day and time out from everything. But the idea is amazing and I’m going to revisit it!

So I’m using food as medicine right now, I’ve joined a new yoga studio, and I’m juicing and whole-food, home-cooking. Operation Self-Love is in effect!

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