Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Manifesto

Loving life is easy to do when you've got enough money in the bank; You just got a promotion at work; Your lover just proposed; & you got the all day park at work.

But let's get real, friends. What the heck does one do when life is not all that shiny?

How do you smile when you've spilled your coffee down your white shirt (why is it always when you wear the white shirt?), you get a parking ticket, you just found out your ex has started seeing someone new (punch in the guts!), and you step on a bee? (BTW I'm not making this stuff up, it's all happened to me this year)

As I share with my yoga students in a class, this, my beloved, is the time to practice grace. More than ever, it is our chance to practice what we need. Easy to say, but yes, often hard to do!

Being a good yogi doesn't mean I can flip up into a scorpion. It means I can remain with a grace-full heart when all of the above occur. It means I can be stuck in traffic and be grateful that I've got a car to be stuck in traffic with. It means someone crashing into your car, and again, being grateful that I have a car and that I am ok (again, this happened to me this month).

Loving life means loving LIFE - all of it. It's not just digging the awesome bits! It's being grateful for the hard bits, because they make you appreciate the joy. It means showing up with grace when the choice is there to go in the opposite direction.

My sweet pals, how have you chosen to love life lately? Share with me and others, so that we can all realise we do have choices!!

Big love xo

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