Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Manifesto

Don't you reckon that sometimes we can totally over complicate things.

For example, I've been talking to new groovers & shakers about my Health & Wellness 'SHINE' packages, telling them what they're about. I'm trying to come up with a concise way to share it.

I'm combining yoga and meditation and lifestyle modifications for real people to bloom.
I offer yoga, diet and lifestyle suggestions for busy people who might be stressed or anxious, to help them chill out and thrive.
I help those who most need peace in their life, find it, through yoga, diet and lifestyle modifications.

Oh my god. Help! I still haven't nailed down a definitive answer! I guess it'll come when the right answer presents itself.

But one thing I have found, is that simplicity rocks.

All in all, I guess I help people find their perfect cape, put it on, and FLY.
Cool right?

Whereabouts in your life are you overcomplicating things at the moment? Share away friends, and just maybe we can help each other out! xo

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