Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday Manifesto

Ok - truth time. I have always (I mean, as long as I can remember) been interested in health and wellness. I have forever and a day wanted to be a naturopath, to help and serve and listen and connect. I was so excited when I 'fell into' yoga teaching, because it helps me achieve all these goals of connection.

When I started this website, way back in 2005 (yikes!), I used this quote as inspiration for yogis new and experienced to step up and engage in the life they've always dreamed of. To this day, I still use this quote as one of my own cornerstones.

Lately, as I've launched my Health & Wellness Coaching biz and online community of TwentyOne Days, my dreams have been tested. 
Honestly, thoroughly tested. 
"Am I good enough?" "There's so many others out there, will people want what I have?" "Will I ever be able to make this a career?" "Am I wasting my time?" and again (that old chestnut) "Am I good enough?" 

These questions come and visit me daily. Some days, hourly. 

I really understand why people give up on dreams and settle - settle for a good life, but not so much a great one. There is comfort in a good life, there is stability. There is income! There are rules.

I am currently creating my own rules, and finding what works, and *ahem* what doesn't. This stuff all comes with a price tag - either a monetary one, or a heart one. It's TOTALLY SCARY. And as a single person who pays their rent on their own and has to have a steady income for my life's expenses, there's somewhat added pressure (personally applied though it may be).

But friends, I'm practicing what I preach - you can live the life you've imagined. But to live it, you gotta go out and take action. Today, choose LOVE over FEAR.

Won't you join in with me on some actions?

Please share with me some dreams you've got, and how they make you feel. I know I'm not alone here! :)

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Rachel said...

Oh Stella I totally needed to hear this today. So looking forward to seeing you in December xoxo

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