Sunday, September 01, 2013

Talkin' bout a Revolution

"In our total commitment to inner revolution and growth, we don’t get to sit near the door. We don’t get to duck out if the process becomes uncomfortable. We learn to stay with ourselves, no matter what.

In our spiritual practice, we learn that if every inch of our being wants to run in the opposite direction, we stay.  One aspect of commitment is staying in our body. Are you experiencing cravings? Instead of reaching out, just stay with them. Is anxiety rising? Stay. Are fear and anger out of control? Stay. Are your muscles quaking, are you running out of steam? Stay anyway. Are your hips screaming in pigeon pose? Okay, but stay.

We are the only ones who know and hear our internal dialogues, and we are the only ones who can make the choice to stay and unfold. Almost always, there is a breakthrough waiting for you right over the horizon."

Yogis, I’m on the horizon. My revolution starts in the morning, bright and early. And as someone who has had a rough trot with health this year, my honest to goodness fear looks like this:
-> Uncertainty
-> Not good enough
-> Doubt

I am uncertain I’ll be able to sustain a strong yoga practice without my body failing me.
I’m worried I won’t be good enough to do it, or as good as I used to be.
I have huge doubts that I’ll be able to make it through.

But the truth is, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real (have you heard that one? Good, right!!). It's just a feeling. And as the reading above lets us know, we just have to show up anyway. We stay, anyway. So I’m going to trust myself and gift myself this journey, however it unfolds. (And to tell you the truth, I completed a teacher training with Baron in 2009 - check out the pic! - and survived, so this will be a piece of cake! Funny how fear shows up!)

Law 1 of the #40DayRevolution is SEEK THE TRUTH. I am going on a journey with many beautiful friends, I am inviting in a breakthrough. I am looking forward to finding right direction in health and of heart with a trusted community.

It’s a pretty damn fine place to be, really!
How are you feeling upcoming 40 Days?


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