Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Day 2 :: being real

It's day 2 of the revolution, and in what seems to be regular style for me and revolutions, I'm sick! Last revolution I fell down the stairs and hurt my back, this time I'm wiped out with tummy issues. Oh well! I'm sure there's a lesson in that somewhere. Hmmmm..

But regardless, here's some love! #givelovegetlove

My tummy issues today meant I couldn't keep anything down, so only ate a seaweed salad for dinner (weird but tasty) and also baked - I'm determined, more than ever, to live the gluten free, real food way. I am not a big baker because this is what happens when I bake:
Not a tidy baker!
But I'm coming around to the idea of doing it, if my haphazard cooking skillz continue to work out like this:
Holy Moly! #glutenfree strawberry muffins #shinystyle
I'm not normally winning in the kitchen, I try try and try but oh my god! LET ME TELL YOU these are the best muffins I've eaten in a long time, and seriously the best thing to ever come out of my kitchen. In true Stella-Style, I didn't have all the ingredients so substituted a fair bit, and WOW, I'll be using my recipe again! Coconut water instead of milk - win! Coconut oil instead of vegetable oil - win! I also threw in some cacao nibs - win! And used strawberries instead of apple - win!

The ebook is in it's final finishing up phases, and is looking amazing. I'm so over the moon to share the baby with you, it's blown even  my expectations out of the water! I'm so lucky to create 21 Days with Jacqui, she's ultra talented and a damn good friend.
This is what ebook prep work looks like #shinystyle
So that's Day 2 of the Revolution in a nut shell. Showing up, being real. Oh! And meditation - tick. There were tears, but it was done. #happy

Good night beauties xxx

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