Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Shiny Spring Revolution

Baron Baptiste’s 40 Day Revolution is pretty well known in yoga circles, and rightly so – it’s a beautiful program of yoga (5 x studio practices, plus 1 x home self-practice), meditation (twice daily), healthy and mindful eating (with a 3 day juice cleanse) and insightful journaling questions to help you dive deeper and live large. And when you do it with your fellows at a yoga studio, which is how I’ve always done mine, the community aspect of it is the highlight.

One of the studios I teach at kicks off another revolution this coming Monday, so I’ll be leading many students through it, and I’m really excited. I am about to embark upon my own ‘shiny’-version of it too. Why so with my 'own' version? Because with a full time job, teaching yoga and study on the side, I need to be realistic!

I was a little hesitant to join in on the activities at my studio, because I’m doing it a little differently to Baron’s suggestions. 
❤ But then I thought, it’s better to join in and invite change, than sit in my excuses.  
❤ It’s better to live a little, than look back in a couple of months time with envy. 
❤ It’s better to pave your own way, than to stay stuck!

So friends – this is where you come in. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts here on this blog throughout the upcoming 40 days, and I’d love you to join in too! You up for it? It’ll run as follows:

❤ Create your own rules – but honour them!
❤ Yoga
❤ Meditation
❤ Mindful eating
❤ Journaling

My Shiny Spring Revolution is going to look like this:
❤ 2-3 studio yoga sessions a week
❤ Daily meditation (5 mins)
❤ Mindful eating (gluten free) and continuing with my naturopath’s supplements and guidelines
 Weekly journaling questions from the 40 Day Revolution book
❤ Weekly self-love date

I’m a list maker and I love creating this fabulous lists of things to do, but then honestly sometimes get overwhelmed in the action steps of it all. So my goals here are baby steps, and achievable. I’m still on the healing path from a particularly nasty bout of depression and adrenal fatigue. My leaky gut has good days interspersed with not so grand ones. There are some days when my energy dictates I won’t be doing anything other than going right back to bed.  So this program needs to be encouraging and inspiring, not dogmatic and unrealistic.

Anyone in with me? What will your Spring Revolution look like?

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