Sunday, May 05, 2013


Sunshine after a period of depression is the darndest thing. It's not actually 100% dependant upon bright sunny skies, but is equally visible through sunniness of heart. And friends, I've got some big sunshine going on today - in the sky, and in the heart, after a dark night of the soul.

At least I know now, after decades of learning, that depression comes, and it will go. Then it will come back, and it will go. It's learning to ride the waves and not drowning!

A gorgeous friend of mine recently shared the idea of having an open palm through it all - to be honest, we were talking about relationships, but it's still relevant! Instead of grasping and grabbing a hold oh so tightly to something/ someone/ some other, we should invite an open palm. Let them in, let them out. Non-grasping - non-attachment, as those wise meditators would say.

On the other hand, it's letting things come and go without pushing the 'bad', the 'undesirable' away. There is no pulling, there is no pushing (non-aversion) - there is just a natural flow of the universe that we are a part of.

I loved this the first time she mentioned it, and it has been the basis of many meditations since then. But let's be honest, when depression visits, it's hard. It's soul destroying. It's lonely. It's overwhelming. So now, on this sunny day (on all levels) I am re-appreciating the simple visualisation of my friend's wise words - open palms.

To you, my friends, ease. xo


Rachel said...

lots of love to you Stella xxx <3

Emily said...

I'm so happy the sun has come out for you honey :-) xxx

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