Saturday, January 19, 2013

Filling Your Cup

Another dream in the making - it's here!

The gorgeous Jacqui and I have launched our 2013 e-course, 21 Days of Filling Your Cup.  We specifically waited until after the holidays, after the new years resolution setting, after the 'back to reality' time of heading back to work. We wanted to meet YOU in your daily life. And here you are :)

Somewhat a little tired, maybe a little despondent after realising that when holidays finish, when reality sets back in, so does life. And sometimes, despite dreams and goals, real life is highly unglamorous, busy and sometimes mundane. So how do you fill your cup when you're faced with that?

How do you keep full of spunk and spark, in order to share with others?

Over 21 days, we'll help you find out simple, daily ways to keep that flow in your life and make you all shiny and happy. Come have a look - guest experts are being announced weekly :)

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