Saturday, January 19, 2013

Falling in love...

Do you love yourself? Honestly, truly, knee-shaking, heart pounding love yourself?
I gotta say, I am very fond of me but all-out, walk through fire love? I just can't answer yes in a resounding way - so I'm changing that this year.

Basically, stel, change comes from thinking thoughts you've never thought before and showing up to meet them down streets you've never walked before.

You ready for some firsts? Are you?

    The Universe

I know all the stuff to do - I've done the courses, read the self-help books, paid good money for this stuff!! But you know what, I haven't done the one, most important thing. I haven't tried to do it myself. 

I'm pretty awesome at finding the answer - the book, the course, the teacher - to help me figure things out, but to look in the mirror each morning and literally say "I love you" or to practice my daily affirmations, or to journal lovingly, to write my daily gratitude list, to meditate regularly.... that stuff takes work, and I'm ready.

I'm currently on a yin yoga intensive with the gorgeous Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga. This woman is phenomenal!! But one of the biggest things I'm taking from her (ready to hear it, I guess!) is that you must simply practice. Get on your meditation cushion, and practice. So for the next 90 days, I'm practicing 12 minutes a day.

Not to find enlightenment, but ok'ness. Not to find the answer, but to be ok with what is. My word of the year is 'Grace' so hopefully there'll be a bit of that in there too, in some way, shape or form but really there's no ideal outcome. It's just a practice of being. So here we go.

Me in all my glory. Will you join in?

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