Thursday, November 01, 2012

Busy Glorified

Yes, this is a rich post coming from me - the girl who burnt out and 2+ years down the track still clearly is struggling to get the message.

Hmmm but on the other hand, perhaps I know better than most the WHY of needing to slow down. The WHAT happens when you don't. So today when I got this glorious email from a friend about an upcoming Restorative Retreat she's leading, I almost cried in recognition of her words.

Her first retreat sold out in a matter of moments, so clearly we are starting - however slowly - to understand that BUSY is not necessarily RIGHT.

To share her words: (Thanks Mitch!)
It's unanimous. We do too much. We're in an epidemic of over productivity, over committing, over stimulations, more-more-more.
And with all this more-more-more - are we becoming 3 x more successful? Happy? Wealthy? Contented? Healthy? 
It's actually becoming our undoing. 

"A life lived on overload affects health, sexual function, reproduction, relationships, job performance, athletic performance, and most important: one's sense of self." ~ Judith Lasater

We give and give and give to our jobs, our families, our relationships, our communities, our pets, everything in our worlds... and the person who inevitably misses out is US. What about us?

Yogis, there's your meditation theme to focus on today. Do you relate? I invite you to spend 5 minutes sitting still - not doing anything, not being busy, just being.   

FYI Mitch is offering the perfect antitode to 'busy' with her Restorative Retreat so head on over if you're keen - and I'm actually off to her Restorative Workshop this Sunday morning so stay tuned for a review.

In love, xo

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