Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What feels right for YOU?

The most interesting thing I'm discovering and being reminded of time and time again, as I'm studying here and here, is that what we physically eat is just part of the equation. That more so, it's our primary foods (the first base stuff that nourishes us - our family, friends, relationships, happiness levels, jobs, satisfaction in life, down time etc) that have the biggest impact on our health.

I had to giggle today - I was at a launch with many journalists and guests, and watching what people would eat (and apologise for eating) was interesting to say the least. Friends, it's not the bread roll (or even the 2nd teeny bread roll for that matter) that is going to do the damage, it's the "I can't eat carbs/fat/this/that, of any kind" strict mentality that is creating disharmony for you.

It's not the low-fat, high-fat, whatever-fat food that is making you ill/fat/skinny/bloated/unwell, it's the unwavering belief and rigidity of an eating plan that is doing it.

In my experience, if you eat food, not too much, mostly plants, and try to get as many textures/colours on your plate as possible, you're off to a good start. Better yet, if you have friends, weekends out & about, loving relationships and a life outside of work, you're going to have an even healthier life.

This comes from me & my experience - me, the girl who has been battling ill health for the past 2 years. Me, the girl who maybe has a leaky gut - the illness that is causing a divide in the health profession. It's true! It's not true! It's believable but it's not an illness! For every article I read that claims it's the answer to my problems, there's another lining up behind it to refute the fact it even exists. But you know what? WHATEVER. For me, I believe it's causing an issue. And that it could possibly explain a lot for me. And that's enough.

The amount of doctors I've seen over the past couple of years who've taken my blood pressure and then professed "Everything is fine, you're healthy" to me... well, politely, screw you. I know something is up. I know that the way I feel now is not 'normal' (and god help us all if it is). I know that hell YES, we should spring up out of bed in the morning, that we should have energy and spirit and vibrancy day to day, and that yes, we'll have poo poo days, but they're far outweighed by awesome days.

So yogis n' friends, here's to what feels right for YOU. Here's to trusting YOUR instincts, and not settling. Here's to nourishing ourselves with things other than simply food. Here's to a vibrant and amazing life. I know mine is just around the corner - are you chasing your ideal life???


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