Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Third Space

I teach & practice yoga, meditate, catch up with friends, work full time in PR, and that's the tip of the iceberg.  Most of us are pretty similar - just exchange yoga for "raise 2 kids" or "have 2 part time jobs & a family" etc. Juggling here and there, this ball and that, and jumping from one role to the other.

No wonder we're tired.

This week I discovered a great book, The Third Space by Dr Adam Fraser, who shares about this jumping from roles, and how we do so. For example - when you come home from a busy day at the office, how do you transition from Busy Office Manager to Mum to Yoga Teacher to Partner etc. Oh it's a goodie - all about using life's little transitions (third spaces) to find balance and happiness.

The secret message of the book? The part I love the most? That YOU time matters. That taking time for yourself isn't selfish, but actually will help everyone around you. Totally.

I was in hospital this week, for a minor day surgery, and came to realise that I don't juggle my roles very well. I am (and no, this isn't new news) a workaholic. I had a a meeting with a friend last night, and I seriously believed I would still be able to do it. "Um no,"the nurse had to tell me. "You can't drive for the next 24 hours and you need to rest." She smiled.

I went to work this morning - just thinking of how much I had to catch up on. Bad move. Head spins and nausea were the order of the day, and I came home. WITH MY LAPTOP! TO WORK!

Then my wise sister told me to SWITCH OFF and have a sleep. Which I did. And surprise, when I woke up, no more headspins. Hmmmm sometimes I really need to take on the role of 'rest' and lovingly grab it with both hands! Little steps :)

Any good books you've discovered lately?

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