Monday, October 01, 2012

2 years n' counting

It's been over 2 years since I left a job where I was completely burnt out, and I'm still battling the adrenals. But as I was wisely told this morning, it is something probably 10 years in the making.

I worked hard, pushed and pushed for a good 10 years, so "it's more than likely going to be a slow process back to health". She's a wise cookie, that friend.

Then I read another post just after this conversation, that said "To be honest, if you really are adrenally fatigued, you will probably need to put quite a focus into getting back on track. There is no quick fix."  True that. So patience, grasshopper.

I got up this morning to do my morning meditation and pulled out my affirmation cards, and did get a giggle that the first one I pulled out was from Sark - "lie down, breathe deeply"!

Point taken, Universe :)

I saw a Naturopath on the weekend to have a VLA as I've joined a group for a Spring detox. Yep, I've just come off one - but as this now needs to be somewhat of a way of living for me to get back to wellness, I though I'd dive into such a supportive environment!

The naturopath giving me the VLA was great, and I'm actually going back to see her next week - some of my results were a little surprising given a) I just got off a detox, and b) I am a generally pretty healthy living yoga teacher. For example, my muscle mass was out of whack considering I do so much weight-bearing exercise. My hydration of cells was 'average' when I'd already drunk 2 litres of water that morning and I was still super thirsty (and it was only lunchtime). So there's stuff going on... leaky gut was mentioned, gut repair was mentioned. And to be honest, I hope that's what it is. Because I'm exhausted and tired.

The serenity prayer came to mind this morning during my meditation:

God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, 
COURAGE to change the things I can, 
and WISDOM to know the difference.

I think I need to keep reminding myself of this, because rather than getting cranky and frustrated at my body, I need to find a peace with it. I need to stop fighting it already.

So yes, I'll keep searching for help to get me back to wellness, but I'll also listen to my body (& the universe) that tells me to slow down.

Hugs to you on your long weekend x

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svasti said...

My naturopath uses VLA as well. It's amazing, isn't it? I've seen some excellent results this year, and while there's still more work to do it is encouraging to get the VLA results. They help me to feel like I'm getting somewhere.

That said, adrenal fatigue buggers up the body well and truly, right?
And most people don't really get it when I tell them that working 9-5 and living in the city are bad for my health. I have to work extra hard to keep my health on track while I'm still living this lifestyle...

The frustration is hard, but when I was berating my body's weaknesses to my osteopath, he said - actually I think your body is doing an amazing job, given the circumstances. That helped me re-balance my thoughts.

So keep up the good fight. Everything you're doing is for the benefit of your health and even if you can't see the progress right now, eventually you will be able to. x

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