Thursday, September 27, 2012

This sh!t just got REAL

How is life post-detox?

Well, I'll be honest, I went a little *woohoo* and dived into freeeeeedom after my cleanse. Bread bread bread, come to mumma. Pasta? Bring it. Sugar & ice-cream? ALL MINE!

But then... yuck. My body was not happy! A pleasant outcome I suppose. I was really relieved to be off the strict detox, in one way. But then things hit the point where I realised, it was now up to me. I could decide to move on up or give it up. And honestly, I didn't really have a choice. Well, of course I did. But the choice was obvious. I could have energy (+ the side benefits of a clear head, clear skin, tops digestion) or I could eat crap and feel crap.

Most of face this dilemma daily. We live in a society where fast-food makes life easy. We grab and go, so there's more time to.. um, work, and clean, and be busy. We crave sugar and carbs and packaged stuff because there's so many chemicals in our processed foods that we are literally addicted to it.

And then one day we decide that we're going to eat real stuff, we're going to experience natural foods. And it's a slow process (it's not as quick as a drive-through meal, or an overnight overhaul) but things begin to change.

I didn't wake up on day 2 or 5 or 10 of detox and spring out of bed.

But the first week post-detox, when I ate processed stuff again, wow, the difference I felt was stark. There was no doubting that my head is clear when I eat well, that my depression is a little less intense, that my adrenals settle, that my digestion rocks. That's not even the tip of the iceberg.

The changes I felt were noticed in hindsight - I so gradually began to feel better that it was the little things I got surprised by. I noticed that I wasn't pressing snooze so often on my morning alarm. It was a few people here or there mentioning that my skin looked so great. It was fitting into my skinny jeans. It was noticing the bloated belly had gone. Little things.

But add up all those little things and life becomes manageable. It's as simple and as huge as that.
So yep, life is ticking along nicely and I've found my own path with this cleansing diet - it's nice to take responsibility and charge for my life. How empowering to accept that I'm creating change.

So from me to you, how's your spring transformations going? x

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La Gitane said...

I gave up wheat on the advice of my Ayurvedic doctor who was helping me deal with allergies! Now I have trouble going back - I can get away with a little bit but I notice that heavy, sleepy feeling immediately. And pasta makes me sneeze!

One of my yoga teachers used to say that the yogic diet is not about "sacrificing" or "renunciation" (like a diet) but about truly wanting to change the way you eat. I totally understand that now.


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