Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 9

So I thought the frittata was good yesterday, but would you believe that a raw veggie salad with dressing I had today was EVEN BETTER?

Bliss Vegie Salad!

I wouldn't have believed it possible a couple of weeks ago, to go this crazy over a RAW SALAD, and I was shocked, I tell you! But there you go. I even wrote to darling Angie because I was so amazed!

Just a quickie - don't know if my tastebuds are changing or what.. but BEST SALAD EVER! The cucumber/carrot/caps with dressing I had today: PHENOMENAL.   I would say it even ties with yesterday's AMAZING frittata, and that was MIND BLOWING. haha! YUM! xxxxx

And Angie's response?
In ayurveda, this is actually a sign that your body is getting healthier so very happy with that. When we are in a state of Ama/toxicity we crave simple sugars and carbohydrate ie. McDonalds :) The flip side is when we are in a state of health our bodies want and love healthy, nourishing options.

Happy to hear this lovely.

So lo and behold, it looks like change is happening :)

Oh, and with this not being the purpose at all, but still tops nonetheless, the 'skinny' jeans have been pulled out and fit just perfectly! 


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