Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 8

Can I just say that the frittata I had today was MIND BLOWING.

Got knows what magic addictive substances that Angie put in it, but I could not get enough of it.  Oh wait, yes I do - organic, whole foods!!!!

Totally AMAZING. (& caps worthy!)

After a week of eating pretty much the same food day in and day out with a couple of variations, maybe it was just that I was able to mix it up perhaps. I don't know. But mouth orgasm material!

Getting into the habit of enjoying my green smoothies in the morning too, waking a little earlier to prepare it, and the tum is often rumbling in the morning now, demanding nourishment (whole new world!).

So all in all, kicking along nicely, thanks!

Oh, and I'm determined to NOT be Vitamin D deficient anymore, so I'm getting daily sun. It was really important to me in starting this new job to ensure I got out of the office every day, even if just up the street for 15 mins to get some fresh air. I think (& now!) that you are more productive and alert when you've had some breaks, plus it's all about BALANCE. 

And as luck would have it, my gorgeous friend, T, lives just 2 blocks away from my new job, and the cafe round the corner from her house sells amazing vegie juices. So we meet often, grab a seat in the sun, and down our juices together. Perrrrfect :) 

Today: Life is Good. x

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