Saturday, September 08, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 12 Weekend Time

I was a little freaked out by the time last weekend wrapped up, to be honest.

The more I work, play and heck, just live, I realise I thrive when I've structure in my life. When I don't have things planned, I tend to put myself last - for example, I ran around today, getting tasks done, shopping for essentials, voting (which involved going to the wrong electorate, then going to the right one! ha!), sneaking in a nap, meeting a friend, having a kinesiology session, then coming home and jumping on the computer. This meant the 2 things I'd planned to do today (study and food) didn't get done.

My water intake suffered and my food schedule fell apart. Not that I ate bad - I started the day of with my smmmmmoothie (spelt so because it's yummmmmy), a couple of hours later (+ later than I had anticipated) I had the most glorious chia bircher for breakkie. I was waiting for my computer to load so I could video myself drooling eating it, but my computer had a little freak out which meant by the time it switched on, I was pretty desperate to back up all my files! An hour later, the breakky bircher was devoured, lunch time has passed, and I had to dash to another couple of weekend appointments.

By the time I got home, it was time for broth but I had my 'lunch' instead (vegies, quinoa). Plus about 5 glasses of water cause I was so thirsty!

I'll be honest, weekends are often like that for me, and I like the freedom and flow of them. I'm so used to planning that sometimes 'not planning' everything down the to minute can be quite cleansing and balancing for me. But there's a payoff, and that means - for me - food schedules are off. Yet, I'm pretty stoked that no bad choices were made - it's still rocking!

I did have a pretty interesting experience at kinesiology today - for the last couple of weeks we've been totally looking at emotions, but I'd had a couple of issues with my right hip flexor, and basically the whole of my right thigh (right down to where the muscles insert into the butt and sit bone, yowch!). We did a lot of looking, testing, asking questions, pushing hands down (LOVE how the body tells you what is going on!) and in the end we did some craniosacral work and releases, as it was all relating to a) hydration and b) the small intestines having a hell of a time digesting food.

Although I hadn't had enough water today, an average day sees me top up on close to 2L (if not more). I love water. But interestingly the water isn't being absorbed so much where it needs to be. I do love my kinesiologist/chiropractor - I know them through yoga (love karma swaps) so they speak to me probably a little differently to the average joe off the street. I ask loads of questions, they tell me about the body, the muscles, the bones, the meridians (+ more) and any appointment with them leaves me more knowledgeable each and every time.  So today J told me how my small intestine and cranio stuff was directly letting me know my adrenals were on high alert again, and that being on detox & cleanse was the absolute best thing I could be doing right now! Phew :)

We also did some allergy testing and (not surprisingly) I need to make a concerted effort to eradicate gluten from my diet. There was no doubting that.

Have you ever tried #Kinesiology? My god, I adore it! I can't believe I was scared to try it (wasn't ready to face those emotions I've buried down), but it's simply phenomenal. If you've had it, you'll know what I mean when I say that my arm had NO STRENGTH and completely dropped when J plaaced the vial with gluten in it on my chest. There was no doubting the reaction, my body didn't like it!

So again, lots to digest (haha) but on all levels I'm excited. I'm excited that I'm making more and more clever choices about food, even if the scheduling falls a little, or even if I am eating out. I'm excited that I'm finding out the intricacies and depth and damn amazingness of my body - and that it's talking to me, loud and clear. I'm so excited that I have the most gorgeous, caring and nurturing team around me to help me 'listen' to my body, mind and soul.
It's night, I'm tired, but MY GOD look at my clear skin!!!!

It's an absolute honour to be where I am today :)
Big love to you all xxxx

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