Friday, September 07, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 11 Back on track!

Back on detox and before I went to bed last night, I couldn't stop thinking: I WAS ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO TODAY!

Seriously, I didn't even eat that terribly yesterday, yet I kept thinking that I really just wanted some more of Angie's filling and yummy food! That is hilarious, for me, a sugar-gal! 

But like Angie told me, that's a great sign and means my body is moving from toxicity (and craving) to health. I'll take that, thanks :)

People are commenting left right and centre on how good, clear and bright my face looks. Which is funny because I felt like I was 18 again with pimples popping up, but clearly the cleanse is showing. And each day the 'skinny' jeans are feeling more and more comfy (no need to open buttons after a meal!). Gotta love that.

So what's going on? Yesterday was a full on day with the media event taking up the majority of the day, and then had some things on after work - so I was pretty shattered when I got home and tumbled into bed (without my broth, was not hungry, just tired!). Today I am exhausted - it's actually a bit of a different exhaustion though. Normally my bone-tired (adrenal!) exhaustion is all encompassing, this one feels like I'm simply tired because I've had a big day.

It's interesting to notice how good my concentration has been in these past 2 weeks, am feeling much more clear-headed, and THAT is what I was after during this cleanse process.

Adrenal tiredness is extreme, horrid, and debilitating. This tiredness today reminds me a little of the AF tiredness, but more in the way that I don't feel it. Thank god. 

So as we near the end of Friday, I must say the detox is going well - and I love that every time I pull a little container out of my bag here at work, the girls all jump over to have a look at what it is! They all say that if Angie ever opens her own restaurant they'll be there! It's funny, because on the odd occasion I look over & lust after their pasta, but they're looking right back at me with food envy about my green, gorgeous goodies!

I am LOVING coming home from work to a fully stocked fridge like this!
And speaking of food envy, I haven't had that much this week. I think it's truly habit that I 'want' white processed stuff, and last week I definitely craved sugar. But this week? I'm liking my diet! Bring it!  x

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